If you've ever watched "Sex and the city", at least for a few minutes, you must have an opinion about Carrie Bradshaw, about her lovers, boyfriends, life decisions, columns, shoes... But, we'll all agree that this tv character has very much influenced the pop culture of the last few decades.


Today we’ll leave all the men, women and even shoes behind. Today we’ll talk about a little object that became much more than a quite worthless peace of jewelry around her neck, formally known as the “Carrie necklace”.


This necklace turned out to be a symbol of all the single women around the world, their independence, freedom and „joie de vivre“ in spite of everything. But, like everything else in the cruel and bitter world of fashion, her fame was strong, but short. Andy Warhol knew it best. And he was so right.


It is or mission today to bring back her fame and glory. Not on the catwalk. On your necks, ladies! Maybe even with a small change. Why only one name? Make it at least two. Maybe you have several soulmates in your life; your favourite aunt, a friend from the kindergarten, your dog or a city you’ve never seen. They say that the happiness is in small things. And where is your small thing? With much bigger names.

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