Although the most prestigious movie awards of the entire planet have already been announced, an Oscar fever is here to stay the entire year. You are an Oscar fan, you adore the seventh art and most certainly are affected with an Oscar fever, but you also have another sort of fever coming to your life very soon? You're getting married this year?


One of the most beautiful story ever told in the movie history, without any doubt, is the one in “The Bridges of Madison county”. That is why our proposition for you is to take a hand of a person you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with and bring her or him to a bridge.. any bridge, the bridge nearby, the bridge you both love, the one that shares your memories. Why not give him one lifetime memory?


Bridges are romantic, sensual and sexy, they have a certain mystery and, the most important thing, they look great with diamonds.


Here comes our wedding gift for you. It is our own list of the most romantic European bridges. We hope it will inspire you to visit one of these three magical places in which, in one shining moment, you’ll take out that one shining piece of jewelry and the rest will be history. You’ll create the moment that will last forever.


This „Old Bridge“ first appears in documents in 10th century. Now we know how he got his name. Today he hides the names of many love couples that have decided to make „a love lock“on the bridge to symbolize their unbreakable love.

Ok, now you have the perfect script. And the ring? No need to worry, it’s our concern!


While walking on it, you have to make a wish, because it will come true. If you meet someone during that romantic walk, that person might very easily become the love of your life. Just one more thing; if you kiss with your loved one on that bridge, you will live happily ever after. It’s just a small part of the legends told to the visitors from all around the world every day, on the bridge that has become one of the most romantic places in the world.

If you love legends, why not become a part of it one day? The ring is ready!


The name of one of the most fascinating places in the world was inspired by „sighs“ of couples who kissed on that bridge in the sunset.

You never know, maybe Venice is waiting for the sigh of your loved one, while you’re just about to open the little shiny ring box…



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